A happy smile is a great communication tool. It conveys a positive message that I'm glad to meet you. For someone in the sales industry, as I am, a bright smile and a warm greeting are vital in establishing a working relationship with someone you want to do business with.

Over the past few years I have been reluctant to as doing so would expose my neglected teeth. They were badly misshaped from years of grinding and improper care. Finally I decided to seek help in correcting this problem. I consulted with a few dentists and decided to work with Dr. Competiello on this matter.

Today, thanks to Dr. Competiello and his excellent staff, I am happy to say I can smile again and I am greeting customers with a new found confidence that had been lacking for years. I only wish I had done this sooner.

I highly recommend Dr. Competiello to anyone in need for dental care.

Paul H., Realtor/Broker

Dr. Competiello has graciously taken me as a patient, when he could have just as graciously chosen not to treat me. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia; an often painful nerve disorder that affects half my facial nerves. This condition is progressive.

Dr. Competiello has been patient, taking the time with treating someone like me and has painstakingly worked on helping me keep my teeth. Something that is very important to me. Knowing that many people with this condition opt to remove them, I have fought to keep mine no matter the spikes of pain that may or may not result in having work done.

Also, many people with this condition report that it is very difficult to find a dentist willing to work with them.

I am grateful for Dr. Competiello’s dedication to his work and service to all his patients.

Lee L.

Dear Dr. Competiello:

Congratulations on the successful relocation into your new facility on Quincy Shore Drive. Having been a patient of yours from the early days in Dorchester, I have been happy to see your business grow and thrive over the years. While the surroundings have changed and technology has improved the equipment, it is the consistent level of care and attention to detail that sets your practice apart from the rest.

The level of professionalism that both you and all of your very capable staff display make the operation of your office one to which all medical organizations should aspire. As I have said to you many times, paying a visit to your office is never the worst part of my day. Your services over the past 30 years are very much appreciated and I wish you continued good health and fortune in the years to come.

James M.

I am a firefighter in the City of Boston. I am also a veteran of the United States Army with service in Operation Enduring Freedom. Prior to being in the service and becoming a firefighter, I was an engineer for the City of Boston with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.

I have been seeing Dr. Competiello and his staff since November of 2010. The experiences have been nothing but superb. In the relatively short time that I have been with Dr. Competiello, he has treated me for several different reasons. I have no been to a regular dentist from some time prior and saw Dr. Competiello and his staff for a basic cleaning and check-up, multiple filling replacements and several porcelain and ceramic crowns.

I highly recommend Dr. Competiello.

There are various reasons why Dr. Competiello is a great choice and here are a few examples from my satisfying experiences:

His work is top-quality
He is very educated and knowledgeable
He is extremely professional, at the same time welcoming, creating a comfortable atmosphere
His staff is kind, friendly, and helpful
I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Competiello's care, work and work ethic. He respects his patients and enjoys and takes pride in what he does. Again, Dr. Competiello is an excellent choice and comes well recommended.

Tim G., Boston Firefighter

I would like to highly recommend Dr. Competiello, whom I have known for the past two years. By way of my surgical specialty I have worked with a significant number of dentists over the past 45 years, and I have great respect for his personality and technical abilities. I have always found him enjoyable to work with as a patient and I am sufficiently pleased with his work that I have sent my family members to him for his services.

Don J., M.D., F.A.C.S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Competiello for over 35 years and it is with great pleasure that I write this letter of commendation. I have always received excellent dental care from Dr. Competiello. He is very knowledgeable and is a highly skilled practitioner. I trust him and have recommended him to family and friends.

I wasn't born with the best teeth in the world and suffered a trauma to my mouth as a teenager as the result of a car accident. Through the years, I have needed extensive dental work to repair my teeth as well as cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Competiello is a perfectionist and collaborates with his patients to provide the very best care. He is gentle and strives to make his dental care as painless and stress free as possible. He is sensitive to my particular dental needs. He has helped to calm my fears and anxieties by explaining each procedure and listening to my concerns. He is always on time and I never feel rushed during my appointments. His goal is patient satisfaction whether with routine dental exams, responding to emergency situations or providing cosmetic dentistry. In addition, Dr. Competiello has a professional office staff that is friendly, helpful and respectful. This only adds to the positive experience that I have had over the years.

In summary, I consider myself fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Competiello. He has transformed my smile and I am very grateful for his expertise.

Sue G.

Recently, my husband suffered a stroke. While he was in a rehab he lost his partial plate. My son called Dr. Competiello. Within an hour, he was the rehab taking an impression of my husband's teeth. Two days later, he returned with the new partial. I don't know if there are any dentists that would do this.

We are forever grateful to Dr. Competiello. Plus, my husband was never a patient of his.

To be so compassionate and thoughtful is, to me, beyond the call of duty. He will always be remembered for his kind gesture.

Kathy D.

Dear Dr. Competiello,

The purpose of this letter is to commend you on the excellent service you have provided to me and many others at the telecommunications team. I have been to many dentists over the years and am very happy and grateful that I was referred to you several year ago. I needed significant dental work and put it off for a long time because I couldn't find anyone I could trust to do it well with my interests in mind. When I came in for my first meeting I was very pleased with the individual approach, that I wasn't just one of the many customers in a huge office. The outcome of major dental work was great and the process went smoothly. I now confidently recommend everyone I can to your office. Being a COO of a company that employs 750 less than a mile away I frequently refer people to your office and only hear positive feedback on the service they receive with you. Thank you.

Rand C., COO

Dear Joe,

You asked me to send you a "one line" comment on dental implants for your patients who are considering this remarkable procedure.

You have known me for over 30 years and know that "one line comments" are no my "M.O." However, for a patient considering this procedure I would simply say this:

"If you think you are not worth it; you're right!!!!"

I say this because, as you and I know, there is research, study and some discussion involved in regarding this procedure before it is done.

It always amazes me to see the amount of time people will spend shopping for a new car loaded with every option available. Then sign up for a 3 year lease and are required to service the car at the direction of the lease company and at the end of the lease hand over the keys and have nothing but rent receipts to show for the time, effort and $$ spent.

If you can dedicate that kind of time and money on a depreciating asset, I would ask why you cannot make the investment in yourself (an appreciating asset). Your lifestyle will improve with the implants and give you confidence in your appearance. The difference in appearance (dentures versus implants) is so obvious to those of us have had this procedure.

I will let you tell your patients about our "research," "study" and "THE PROCEDURE" and the 100% result achieved! We started the procedure process in 1991 and 16 years later my implants are perfect...thanks to you and my good job of daily cleaning/flossing.

If your patient(s) would like to ask me questions regarding the process/procedure I would be very happy to share my positive experience with them.

Sue W.